1st post

Εικόνα002police is everywhere..but love makes us invisible..

Lately you can see police force all around, defending the “democracy” state..I admit I’m scared sometimes..I’ve even reduced my stencil nights out after a police confrontation I had in the center of Athens..

But there are some other times that I’m not afraid of anything..there is this great feeling of freedom,solidarity,friendship or even romance that conquers any fear and makes me feel invisible by any high tech law enforcement measure..

If I had  to summarize this feeling in one word this could be “love”..

Info:Actually it’s not my quote ..I first saw it on a wall in Thessaloniki and adopted it..this one in fine arts school Athens..the playmobil is my spokesman..moves around the city and sprays my messages..many thanks to papias(political zoo stencil) for the  photoshop work on minimapet..


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