7th post

IMG_0276The flowers on your balcony are not gonna save Imitos..

Imitos ..one of the mountains surrounding Athens..a city with such natural limits of expansion but no profit limit as far as building is concerned ..so since the city expansion has over exceeded any limit after 60 years of non stop building and violating Athenian nature..the solution to our problem given to us from our wise minister of environment was .. to expand to the other side of  Imitos by making auto routes on the mountain..

Against these plans, protest comes only from a few citizen groups of the suburbs around the mountain..groups that suggest self and local organisation and deny representative democracy..

INFO:during a protest demonstration against the building of auto routes on Imitos mountain called by the local assembly of Agia Paraskeui I noticed the people watching us from their balconies..the irony that the balconies where full of flowers on a block of flats on the root of the mountain which is in great danger combined with the fact that they didn’t bother to participate in the protest gave me the inspiration to spray this slogan..

PS.less than a week later there was a fire on Imitos..


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