64th post

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Πριν λίγο, άνδρας 77 ετών, στάθηκε στη δεξιά πλευρά της πλ. Συντάγματος, έβγαλε όπλο & αυτοπυροβολήθηκε στο κεφάλι..

το όνομά του  το οποίο σπανίως αναφέρθηκε στην τιβι είναι Δημήτρης Χριστούλας

a man of 77 years old pulled a gun in Sintagma square and shot himself on the head..the tv journalists refered to him without mentioning his name and tried to connect his action with health and mental problems that he didn’t have..his name was Dimitris Christoulas and his purpose was as described to a letter that he left to urge people to react against the goverment and the EU-IMF inspired austerity measures..

suicides have risen during the last austerity years in Greece..this one was the first in public..the stencil below says  “high tech low life” with greek letters..


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