140th post

10000173_10153915216415271_47339267_nWELCOME TO EUROPE CAMP

με την έναρξη της καλοκαιρινής σεζόν η Ευρώπη και η Ελλάδα υποδέχονται τους επισκέπτες τους..βέβαια άλλο τουρίστας άλλο μετανάστης..

Europe and Greece welcome their visitors..of course there is a slight difference between tourists and immigrants reception..in the second case an inhuman concentration camp(at least 30 in Greece) is waiting to accommodate you if you don’t get drowned in the Aegean sea or murdered by police and neonazis..

photo4 (2)


photo3 (2)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sO199DNFAS0

info:on the first house of  king Otto.. the first king of modern Greece.. he was Bavarian..

many thanx to Nasos and Cacao Rocks for their help and “kapetan michalis ” for the support and info..

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  1. […] 30 concentration camps for immigrants are in operation around Greece and greek coast guard causes the drowning of immigrants with no […]

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