156th post

Φωτογραφία0297τελευταίο ποστ για φέτο..εδώ και λίγους μήνες έχει πέσει δραμματικά η παραγωγή μου σε στένσιλ αλλα και σε ποστς σε αυτό εδώ το μπλογκ..ο βασικός λόγος είναι η αύξηση της απασχόλησης με τα δόντια λόγω εύρεσης και δεύτερης δουλειάς προς οικονομική επιβίωση..θα επανέλθω παρολαυτά ελπίζω..χάπι νιού γίερ εβρυβόδυ..

translation:wish the dreams were a job,the sleep a chore,baby on your bed I would do overtime..

last post for this year..during the last months I haven’t produced any new stencil or even many new posts at this blog..the reason is that I have been occupied by my profession(got a second job in order to survive financially) which is fixing teeth..hopefully I ‘ll be back on the walls soon..happy new year to everybody..


One Response to “156th post”

  1. Hi Mapet! Happy new year to you too, but more than anything thanks for the great time in Athens last spring, which was a very welcome, interesting and unexpected sparkle of light during my trip around Europe. So thanks for the great year, meeting you (and through you Nassos) turned out to be a huge change in my own life 😉 Greetings from Nassos and me from Brussels. We’ll be in Athens during the pre-election next month. Hope to see loads of your work and you. All the best and take care! Tess

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