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105th post

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Karagiozis ist ein Berliner rioter aus Athen..

2 days before the Mayday 20 posters were pasted along the demo and party sites in kreuzberg and mitte in Berlin..thanx to Julia..

ο καραγκιοζης στελνει χαιρετισματα στο Βερολινο..

2 μερες πριν την πρωτομαγια κοληθηκαν 20 αφισακια απο τη Julia..να δούμε τι θα γίνει εδω την πρωτομαγια..

image_1367273785285734 image_1367273690881839 913276_10201100742424678_570336575_n


104th post

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legal stuff at Psiri..

P1020643 P1020647P1020638

103rd post

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P1020624Dia de los muertos at leonidou str. Metaxourgio  IMG_7743 a misspelled old one produced by some guy during the first stencil workshop I participated at the squated national lirical theatre of Athens 4 years ago..

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