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125th post

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meanwhile in Greece..3 immigrants , at one of the concentration camps that the greek goverment with the blessing of EU has put them in,have sewd their mouth and another 400 stoped receicing food  in order to protest about their’s not the first time that immigrants sew their mouths in greece..this is a 2 years old stencil done in collaboration with political zoo and Iliana..


124th post

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       Les etrangers..

colaboration witih refur and exit dedicated to Albert Camus at Vathis square next to a junkie spot..the small stencil of Debussy made by 216 

photos by George Lathiris

_MG_4155-2 _MG_4134 _MG_3971

123rd post

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δεν έχω καμμία εμπιστοσύνη στην ελληνική δικαιοσύνη..

I have no trust at all for the greek justice photo(13)


συνεργασία με colaboration with exit..

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