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130th post

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5 years ago..painted these two at Halandri central square next to a carousel, that was put there by the municipality to celebrate cristmas, during the 7day squat of the old city hall, as a reference to Alexandros Grigoropoulos and Michalis Kaltezas  murders by policemen..I uploaded these photos on the myspace account I had at the time, only to find  out that 2 days later they were reported and withdrawn from  internet..


riot 5 035 riot 5 034


129th post

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Baby Boombing in Athens..


Ermou str. close to Thisiodownload

Monastiraki squareΦωτογραφία0169

Ermou str. close to SintagmaΦωτογραφία0166bourgeois  you’ll be eaten by your children..

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