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209th post

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την  Παρασκευη 30/11 το antifa live    διοργανωνει την παρουσιαση δισκου του Αψινθου στην νομικη. 


ο χωρος θα διακοσμηθει απο το antifa shalala..45368836_2102038713446307_1495635628262424576_n

θα εχει και diy σαλαλο t-shirt μεταξοτυπιες..

208th post

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today one of the biggest gold buyers of Greece was arrested for smuggling ..what a big surprise for this kind of business that flourished twice in greek history..the most recent during the financial crisis and the previous one  during the occupation of Greece from the nazis..

207th post

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back in beloved Thessaloniki..IMG_4824


painted over my favourite gas boxes..IMG_4825


a traffic sign..IMG_4840


and found some old stuff of mine..IMG_4832

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